Pons Racing wants to enter MotoGP but has no room: 'They only want one manufacturer'
©Lukasz Swiderek


4 hours ago

When it was founded in 1992 Pons Racing immediately entered the 500cc class - the premier class of the World Championship at the time - and remained so until 2006 when it moved exclusively to 250cc and then on to Moto2 and MotoE. In the premier class he even saw his riders fighting for the top positions, but now that he is willing to return there is no space.

Sito Pons told SPEEDWEEK.com that the response from Dorna and Carmelo Ezpeleta has always been negative, as they want to add a factory team and not a private:

- We officially asked him if we could return to the MotoGP category with the Pons team. He clearly said that he wanted to have a manufacturer and not sign with any additional satellite team. That was his clear answer. We have been asking him for many years if we can get seats in MotoGP. Once there was a possibility, but we lost it because no factory wanted to give us bikes.

The Pons Racing manager said that he tried again following Suzuki's withdrawal, and again without success: 'When Suzuki announced the withdrawal in May, we spoke to Carmelo again. We have the resources, we have the experience. But, unfortunately, there is no room for a private team'.

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